January Playlist



Amazing, music is one of my favorite things in the world. The type of music we listen to determines our mood and how we go about out day.

Originally posted on A Lucky Life:


After doing these playlists for awhile, it’s safe to say that my taste in music is all over the place. I like almost everything . . . lots of the classics are always in rotation, some current stuff playing on the radio and a lot of the other songs come from my kids (inspired by high school & snowboard movies) — it’s all good! There is no theme . . . just cool songs to sing along to — Happy January.

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About Katelyn

Hi, i'm Katelyn. I am a high school voleyball player as well as a high school writer. I believe everyone has a passion, and writing is mine. Pouring my thoughts out onto paper is what I do best, as well as what I enjoy most. I want to do news reporting as a career, and work with public affairs as well as global issues.

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